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What Equipment Do You Need For Online Tutoring – 2021 Guide

Need For Online Tutoring


Online classes are becoming more and more popular. With online tutoring on the rise, you’ll need the equipment necessary to get the job done. While some tutors rely on an online whiteboard to help relay information to the class, other equipment is also necessary.

In this 2021 guide, we will tell you what equipment you need for online tutoring.

1.  A Laptop or PC

You can’t tutor without a laptop or PC. So naturally, this is the first piece of equipment to get. If you’re tutoring students, children, or employees, a device with solid hardware is essential.

As a general rule of thumb, you should focus on a few areas when choosing the right laptop. Screen resolution is one of them. Never settle for anything less than a 1920×1080 FHD resolution screen. When it comes to hardware, 8GB of RAM is a must and also some extra storage space for recording videos.

Cheaper laptops don’t come with much storage, so you can also spend a few bucks on an external hard drive to store all of your recorded videos.

2.  Camera

While not necessary, a good camera can really boost your online tutoring lessons. Some students will expect to see your face through a camera. If you’re buying a laptop, then there is a pretty good chance the particular laptop comes with an HD camera.

But if the camera quality isn’t up to scratch, then go out and buy a cheap HD camera to enhance your teachings.

3.  Microphone

Laptop microphones aren’t that good. The people listening to your teachings will want to hear your voice as clear as possible. This one is even more important than a camera. So if you have to choose between both, we recommend you go for a more expensive microphone.

A good microphone is arguably a must. There are some amazing options on the market, but we recommend you do your research to determine the best one for your specific needs and budget.

Microphones can cost as little as $10 to as much as $500. Since you want to avoid situations where your students can’t hear you or the sound is off, you’re better off shopping for microphones in the mid to high-end range.

4.  Online Whiteboard

An online whiteboard is a piece of software that allows you to write just as you would on a normal classroom whiteboard. These tools come with amazing features that every online tutor benefits from.

Online whiteboards are very convenient pieces of software that are surging in popularity. Tons of them exist but not every tool allows you to convey your teachings.

So that’s why we recommend this online whiteboard as it is jam-packed with features, easy to use, and gets the job done.

5.  Background Lighting

If you’re going to film videos where you’ll appear in the background, then it’s important to get the right lighting. To do that, there are a ton of gadgets that allow you to create the perfect lighting. From simple lamps to professional lighting equipment, sufficient background lighting is essential to your online classes.

With sufficient lighting, you will appear more professional and clearer to the viewers. So if you are indeed going to film videos through your camera, make sure to get this one sorted.

6. Green Screen

In some unique cases where you’ll require to set up a custom background, the right way to do it is with a green screen. A green screen or background screen, is a piece of equipment that everyone needs when filming themselves. The reason why green is the right background color for this is that green is the color least used. Also, we aren’t green so that also helps.

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