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Which Web Hosting Company Is Best For VPS?

Web Hosting


That is a good question!

Learning which hosting provider is best for VPS can lead to good decisions and growth.

But, how well you do your research is another question.

VPS server is not the most widely used hosting service as most of you have used shared hosting. But, when it comes to upgrading to VPS, choosing the right web host is also essential.

Well, MilesWeb is one of those top leading web hosting providers that offer best-in-class cheap VPS servers. Although many companies provide VPS hosting services, MilesWeb wins at quality. MilesWeb also provides best unlimited website services.

Why? I will tell you as I explain what VPS is and how does it work?

What Is A VPS Hosting?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is nothing but a hosting platform provided by the web host, which enables users to have personal resources. All VPS users share the same server, but they enjoy private resources.

The reason VPS is an option is that multiple virtual servers run on a single physical machine. It lets users have an isolated space for their resources and not share with anyone.

It has a dedicated server like environment. VPS is a small server on its own and a user has total control over it

VPS is also an advanced version of shared hosting. Here the privacy level is more and less at risk of threats. As slowly and gradually your website starts to grow, shared hosting can lower the performance. For that purpose, VPS helps in many areas for expansion.

What Is the Basic Difference Between VPS and Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is for an entry-level business. You can say for small to medium enterprises/blogs. It helps give your business a start as hosting is needed to go online.

Shared hosting is cheap and works best for beginners. But, we all know we don’t want to stay in the same place. We want to grow more and more. So, to help your business grow more, VPS comes into the field.

VPS gives better features and personal isolated resources, which helps you have more amount of resources. The resources are also reliable as you don’t share them with anyone.

In shared hosting, security is there, but it is a major concern as your website will be safe until you start to receive high traffic and want more security levels to secure their every information.

MilesWeb will provide you with better and quality VPS services at an affordable cost.

How Should I Start with MilesWeb VPS Hosting?

MilesWeb offers two VPS servers – Linux and Windows. You can choose one that meets your requirements.

MilesWeb VPS hosting plans are available at very low prices. You can get their managed Linux VPS for only RS. 630/m after a 25% discount.

The web host offers 10 different plans under Linux VPS hosting, with expandable resources with each VPS plan. If you do not have many requirements, you can start with the entry-level VPS plan.

Later, you can upgrade as your needs increase.

Also, the 25% offer is valid when you purchase VPS hosting for at least 3years.

MilesWeb makes it easier for users through its affordable hosting. You can rely on them for quality services.

What Benefits Will I Get with MilesWeb VPS Hosting?

Free SSL – With MilesWeb, your web pages will be SSL certified. SSL certificate encrypts all private information and secures it from threats.

SSL improves the authenticity of your website. Getting a free SSL is in itself a benefit. Very few companies offer that.

Dedicated IP – You will get 1dedicated IP exclusive with your hosting. That will be unique, and you won’t share it with other users.

Host Unlimited Websites – You can host unlimited websites on your isolated server. If you have high-end clients, you can also host their websites on your server and earn a bit. MilesWeb lets you host multiple websites provided you don’t violate their terms and conditions.

99.99% Uptime – MilesWeb guarantees 99.99% uptime. Their support system constantly checks and monitors your server. High Uptime helps websites improve performance.

100% Support – MilesWeb provides 24/7 customer support to their clients. You can access this service via chat, email or ticket system. You can take utmost advantage of this and get assistance as MilesWeb’s managed VPS customer.

Fully Managed VPS – You can get your VPS managed by MilesWeb. Their managed services are apt. When using a VPS server, management can be one tough task due to other workloads. Whether you are technical or not, a helpful hand is a good option for better growth.

Great Speed and Performance – With the MilesWeb VPS server, you can be assured of unbeatable performance. They focus on providing the best speed for high web content and applications running on the server.

Wrap Up –

Several companies offer web hosting services. But, it is part of your job to do some research and find a suitable host for you. For us, MilesWeb has been on the top of the list. Their affordable rates have helped many businesses grow.

You can opt for managed or unmanaged VPS service as per your requirement, and you will receive some discount on the purchase of 3years.

MilesWeb is really good at providing great features. This can be one of the advantages of choosing MilesWeb as your host.

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