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3 free techniques to generate SEO keywords

generate SEO keywords


Even if, in recent years, search engines have worked a lot on improving their algorithms by assigning more importance to user behavior, work on content semantics is still an essential step to correctly reference your site . The keywords present in your text will help Google to identify and “classify” your content according to user requests in particular.

But beware, today, keyword optimization must be done intelligently. No need to place the same keyword many times in the text, it is preferable, for the search engines but also for your readers to use correlated keywords, associated as well as long tail keywords . This work is meticulous and often long, but (fortunately) there are simple and quick techniques to put in place to find the most searched keywords in order to allow your content to be propelled to the top position on Google.

After watching this video, you will be able to use the Keyword Planner Tool (commonly known as the Keyword Planner) as well as the free “Answer The Public” tool. You will also discover the “Google Correlate” tool which is quite discreet in France but nevertheless very effective. You will therefore have all the cards in hand to optimize your web content for natural referencing. Once your keyword research is complete, you can outsource the writing of your articles to writers specializing in SEO optimization of your texts. On nearly 15,000 professional writers are available to write your content in more than 50 themes.

Live shopping (or live streaming) has landed in France and is establishing itself as THE new preferred sales channel for consumers!

The marketing strategy offers a unique user experience with an Internet user who now has the possibility of seeing a live and online demonstration of the product he wishes to buy.

What are the advantages of integrating live shopping for brands? How to implement this new commercial technique?After seeing the benefits of live shopping for businesses, here are the steps to create a digital experience that meets the expectations of your target audience.

Target the right platform

Depending on the products you sell, not all social networks have the same relevance. You will need to select the social network most frequented by your target customers. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are the social media of choice for fashion and accessories, while Facebook will be more relevant for the home appliance industry.

Good to know

Make a study of the attendance schedules of your audience to broadcast your live on the right time slot!

Implementing a live shopping strategy is a boon for your business, as long as you are sufficiently prepared in advance. To help you write your content in advance and your future publications, please contact our professional web editors  !

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