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Increase your turnover thanks to SEO: advice from CyberCité agency

CyberCité agency


The CyberCité agency, specialist in SEO, SEA, media, data, and content explains the points to follow to get the most out of your SEO.

How to improve your SEO positioning.

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The return on investment of digital campaigns is a central issue for executives and marketing managers. Your site is not profitable? To perform, you must first use the right levers. Analysis of your Data, SEO, Content, Netlinking, Marketing Automation… So many actions to put in place to position yourself. If you are wondering why you are not visible enough on Google, why your content is not seen, or how to improve your conversion, the CyberCité agency draws up 3 key points to keep in mind to put in place an effective strategy. A great way to think about your needs, your goals, your levers and your follow-up.

Take stock of your web visibility

What are the keywords that I would like to position? Who am I and how should I address my target? The answers to these questions are essential to start your SEO campaigns. Do not skip the creation of personae!

Your SEO Reach (SEO coverage rate – all types of positions combined) also depends on many factors. Are you comparing yourself to the right competitors? Are you working on the right page typology?

SEO is not just about working on a page that you want to position. SEO is above all about determining the right page to position, the right way to do it and the right keyword to hit.

Imagine for example that you want to position yourself on the keyword “electric bike” which is a request with a search volume of 368K / month. To achieve your goal, you publish a long and perfectly optimized article. Yet you don’t position yourself. Why ? Because Google mainly positions category pages. The relevance of the typology of the page you are working on is essential to obtain results.

Depending on the keyword targeted, your editorial strategy must be understood as a real lever for progress. You must analyze the SERP regularly, and always think Content Marketing (how to make my content live outside my website?).

Determine the right strategy and the right levers

You have defined your goals and your keywords. Have you considered combining SEO, SEA and Media? To position yourself, it is important to activate the right levers and to multiply the types of actions. Do not neglect the importance of netlinking to outperform your keywords, backlinks are still a current and effective strategy. Especially when their acquisition is authentic, qualitative and exponential.

Regarding Content Marketing, this is a central lever, without which your site has no chance of being visible. The content also allows you to animate your social networks, but also to improve the performance of your Search or Media campaigns. So many ways to work on your web visibility.

To determine these levers and put them in place effectively, you must nevertheless know your site, your needs and your target, thanks to precise data. This Data must be translated into useful information for your strategy, which will guarantee you 360 ° support with the right SEO agency.

Track the right KPIs

SEO analysis of your site, choice of keywords and pages to work on, implementation of various levers of action… You must now follow the KPIs of your strategy. Yes, but which ones? And how do you calculate the ROI of your investments?

To measure your results, your branding plan must be well established, and your conversion tracking on your CRM must be completed. There are many KPIs, and all of them allow you to analyze your performance: number of positions, CTR (Click-Through Rate), number of impressions of your pages, etc … So much data to use to adapt and refocus your strategy.

To better understand the actions to be taken, CyberCité offers a decision tree, offering you several lines of thought to download from the link below. The goal? Help you ask yourself the right questions and make the right choices to make your SEO perform well, and thus improve your web visibility.

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