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Tips to follow to create a website

create a website


An email address and password: that’s all you need to create your account on Wix!

Get started creating your website

With Wix, you can create a website that looks like you. Choose from these 2 options: get a tailor-made site with the Wix design artificial intelligence tool, or use the Wix Editor for more freedom.

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Why is it so important to create a website?

Because in 2020 more than ever, posting on the internet is essential to make yourself known, promote your business and communicate effectively. Have you started a business? Creating a website is a guarantee of professionalism with your customers. Wix allows you to develop your brand image, learn about the habits of your customers and offer them online service. Are you a photographer, designer or musician? A website is the best way to showcase your work and gain popularity, in your country and internationally. At Wix, there are as many profiles as there are websites.

If the end result is impressive, creating a website with Wix is ​​child’s play. With our intuitive HTML website editor, you can easily create amazing websites! Endlessly personalize your content. Create a website with video backgrounds, parallax effects, animations etc — without programming!

Choose a template that suits you

To create the perfect website, you need the perfect template

Whatever your activity or your passion, Wix offers you a template that suits you. To get started, choose a template and have fun customizing it! Choose from many categories: music, design, online store, photography, business etc.

Choose a design you like

Once you’ve found your template category, have fun! Select a design that suits you. You will find all styles: minimalist, playful, professional, contemporary etc. You can modify as many templates as you want. They are free! If you see any sections or pages that you don’t need, just delete them. Your template is the starting point of your website. You can change it at will and have maximum fun!

Customize your site

Bring your site to life by personalizing its content and features

Adding quality content is an essential part of building your site. The texts, images and videos on your site should explain who you are and what you offer. Be as clear as possible and don’t be afraid to show your personality. Expert tip: Be clear and concise!

Write your content

Home page

The majority of Internet users will see your home page first. This is their first contact with your site. This is why the content must lay the foundation: who are you? What is your website about? Be clear on what to do: buy, read more, contact, or find out? Make sure they understand you.

About page

Tell your story and share your experience. The “About” page should be tailor-made for your audience. Write your text in a tone that is both professional and personal. This is the opportunity to tell your visitors behind the scenes of your activity. Keep it concise, or on the contrary explain your mission, your values ​​and your philosophy.

Drag and drop wherever you want

Your creative freedom is total. Easily customize your website using our intuitive site builder. Simply add or move items. You can create your site without prior computer knowledge.

Use design features

Add awesome design features to your site! Bring your site to life with 3D parallax effects, slideshows, full-page stretchable videotapes, and professional photo galleries.

Choose fonts and colors

Choose from hundreds of professional web fonts to add character to your site. If you want to use specific fonts, you can download them with one click.

Edit and add pages

You can easily add or duplicate pages on your site. If your template contains a page you don’t need, delete it with one click.

Add images and videos

Easily add your own images and videos, or use photos from our Wix Image Bank.

You can edit your photos using the Wix Image Editor and then view them in an image gallery.

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