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The 10 best maintenance apps for smartphones

apps for smartphones


1. Advanced Task Manager

Description: Advanced Task Manager can list all running tasks and allow you to select which ones you want to stop. Also includes an application manager to administer all those that are installed. This app helps you to free up storage space, speed up your phone and save battery. In addition, it automatically stops running tasks as soon as the screen turns off. A quick uninstaller and a battery manager are also included.

Very expensive application. There are several comparable and free alternatives;

Windows includes a task manager. You might as well use Process Explorer or any other free application.

2. Android Booster

Description: Android Booster is your maintenance assistant for your smart phone or tablet. It optimizes the system of your device in order to improve its performance. So far this app has been downloaded millions of times and is now available for free in the Play Store.

3. App Cache Cleaner

Description: App Cache Cleaner is a handy tool that cleans the cache of all your apps. If the available space of your device is limited, you can free up some of it thanks to its all-in-one interface.

4. Startup Manager Free

Description: Startup Manager allows you to disable unwanted startup items while booting phone or tablet. All you have to do is uncheck the items to deactivate and check the ones you want to reactivate. In order to increase the startup speed of the device, you can also uncheck the items in bulk. If you want to allow only one application, activate it in the start entries.

Installation is fairly straightforward and most users with “rooted” phones should have no problem adjusting the settings.

5. Tap Cleaner

Description: While this app is a great option, its name is somewhat inappropriate. The menu is easy to use and it is very easy to navigate through the various functions. There is however nothing in this app that is accomplished with one click!

6. AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner

Description: Here is a new cache cleaner app developed by the team known for top antivirus and security software. It’s just as good a choice as any of the apps on this list. It is simple, light and very fast; the speed of execution is what sets this one apart from other applications. From the home screen, it is very easy to clear call, browsing and text messaging history, as well as the cache.

7. Quick Cleaner

Description: Quick Cleaner removes all files from cache and all history to optimize the performance of your phone. The following features definitely make it one of the best apps:

Cache: clears the cache of all applications with one click. Histories: removes logs from the clipboard, browser, Google Play, Gtalk, etc. Calls: cleans the call histories: all / in / out / missed. SMS: erase text messages for all contacts or just one.

8. Power Clean

Description: This app helps improve performance on your Android device. It can remove residual files left by applications, optimize memory, manage applications, and display information such as storage space, RAM memory, and CPU speed. Fast and easy to use.

Some additional features, such as different types of notification and protection of personal data.

9. 360 Security

Description: Security 360 is a suite of tools including antivirus and other optimization solutions for Android smart phones. To say this app is packed with features would be an understatement.

10. SuperBox Pro

Description: SuperBox Pro is a 10-in-1 application, a kind of “Swiss Army Knife”. It includes a memory and CPU manager, a battery indicator, an installation and uninstallation tool, a function for transferring applications to the SD card, a cache cleaner, task and file managers, as well as the Safeguard function, which allows you to determine the level of risk associated with the installation of certain applications.

Very expensive, considering that a version with advertising is available on Google Play.

The interface is a bit dated, but doesn’t stop the app from offering several cool features.

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