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12 game apps to play remotely with your grandchildren. Long live the apps!

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Who says “distance” does not mean “to stop playing with your grandchildren”. Mariette has selected for you twelve game apps that can be played from 2 to more people depending on the case, and remotely!

Even if, I humbly admit, I am not an expert on the subject, I have researched a lot and I have selected for you 12 game apps that can be played from 2 to several people, and remotely. Just what we need right now!

Card game app: UNO & Friends

The famous Uno card game is also available as an app. Joy !!! Tip: switch to “Fun Room” mode to customize your rules.

A very nice graphics for this remote playable naval battle game.

Facing your opponent, you must find as many pairs as possible in the cards presented to you.

Strategy game app: Power 4

A great classic that is played in pairs, and where you have to line up 4 of your pawns on a line, before your opponent. Strategy and observation on the program!

The app version of the cult game Carcassonne, with the objective of creating a medieval city.

Drawing game app: Draw Something

A fun drawing and creativity game! You have to guess what the other player has drawn, and vice versa, whether it is a scribble or a masterpiece.

An adaptation of the classic hangman game, with clues and animations. With your great grandchildren, you can change the language of the game and work on your vocabulary in

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The online version of the famous game, which exercises the spirit of deduction!

Here is the version of the famous board game (Ticket to Ride) on the theme of railway lines. The game is not free, but it is extra.

A fairly realistic multi-player pool game. Great with your junior and teen grandchildren

The famous word games to form words, in an app version that can be shared remotely. Note, a lot of publicity for the free versions …

How to play remotely?

Everyone must load the game on their tablet, phone or computer.

To play with others and invite each other (called “multiplayer” mode), you must create an account with your nickname.

Once done, all you have to do is open the game and send yourself an invitation to play, using the nickname. Have your grandchild send you the invitation!

Free or paid?

Some of these games are free, the counterpart is the presence of advertising, and sometimes in large quantities. If that bothers you, upgrade to a paid version. You will gain great comfort for a very low price.

How to install them?

You can click on the links of my article, or go directly to type the name of the game on Appstore (for Apple) and Google Play Store for other phones (Android).

Be careful, there are sometimes several versions of the same game. Make sure to load the same one as your grandchild!

Here are 2 cool tutorials that will explain how to install games. By the way, savor the voice of the girl who will propel you (virtually) to the end of the world!

How do I download apps to my iPhone or iPad tablet?

How do I download apps to my Android phone?

And if you have a hard time, your grandchildren (or their parents) will be happy to help.

Have fun ! And if you know of other apps of this kind, don’t hesitate to comment them.

Digital quiz: apps, social networks … be up to date for your grandchildren

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