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Top 5 Backend Frameworks to Use in Web app Development

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With the latest rise of web applications for almost everything you can do on your PC, development and programming have also become much easier. Experts are looking for a democratization of technology and coding methods. Previously, programming and coding options were only available to those with a long and specific education about the same. Nowadays, most people can do programming with much lesser knowledge than others. Here are the top five frameworks that you should use for web app development. Looking to get web applications made? Check out Enterprise Software Development Company.


 If you are looking to build a fast website that is also complex, you should go for Django. Django is based on the Python framework. It is used for building complex and database-driven websites. If your priority is a high-performance complex website, then Django is your solution.

App master

 A master comes as an example of a web development framework that does not require coding. In fact, it is mostly part of the categories of low code and no code. This software is used as a reference point by many developers. The benefit of using app master is that it provides a framework architecture for the project. This can help you avoid using programming languages and coding completely. Since it works on a visual interface, you can easily create your web application or mobile app and publish it without having the knowledge of coding.


 Express JS is a type of node JS application framework. Express JS is extremely powerful in backend frameworking. It is what has been used for creating some very famous applications like Uber and Myspace. Since express dot JS offers many standard node JS features, it is very easy for developers to work on. Your line is also very scalable, which allows you to stay within the same framework as your project grows.


 Flask is basically a Python-based framework. It works on a WSGI framework. It tends to run the web server instead of using the browser of the user. Since flask allows web developers to create personalized projects that run very smoothly in modern web applications, people are opting for flask. With flask, you get many advantages; like debugging is much easier, developers can implement the Python code in the browser itself period, since it is based on Python, and you can develop the application very quickly. You can also set up web servers. And many more features. Enterprise app development services can help you with the development of new applications.


 If you are looking for a framework that is based on PHP, then Laravel is your perfect choice. Laravel is open-source software. It’s specifically designed to allow users to create Symfony-based applications which follow the MVC architecture. If you have to focus specifically on the backend development of your site, you should go for Laravel.

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