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The surveillance camera, a security for businesses and the home

camera, a security


An evolution of technologies

Until recently, the indoor surveillance camera had drawbacks. It had limited capacities such as being frozen and not being able to capture every nook and cranny of the rooms, needed to be consulted from a particular place, had to be viewed a posteriori or even provided relatively poor quality images. . It was often necessary to combine the different solutions in order to be able to act instantly, to consult the videos remotely, to have a wide viewing field or to clearly distinguish what was happening.

Today, technology has developed significantly and it is possible to see not only all angles of a place, in very high quality, remotely, live or not or to have backups. It is perfectly possible to consult the videos a posteriori and to be, if the need arises, in connection with the police, the security guard or a remote monitoring center. You can view and listen thanks to a remote control of the cameras and make them move from your home. It remains particularly useful when you customize high-risk detection zones and you can perfectly configure real-time alerts in order to obtain the best monitoring performance and the best reactivity.

Effective burglary security

Equipped with an alarm, a large field of vision, motion and sound detectors and even night vision, the indoor surveillance camera effectively ensures the security of a business or office space. ‘business or home in particular against any burglary attempt. To secure your business and offices, video surveillance remains a reliable and efficient solution because it is dissuasive since it can be consulted a posteriori. Thefts from shops are constantly increasing and, with 7,500 burglaries per year, businesses represent the second target of burglars in France. According to a study by the National Observatory of Delinquency and Criminal Responses (ONDRP), cameras prove to be the most protective and reduce the risk of burglary by 22%,

HD video surveillance cameras, for example, equipped with a wide angle of 120 ° and a motion detector, allow uninterrupted surveillance thanks to an application installed on the smartphone or from a computer. The manager can access live images 24 hours a day, consult the archives for up to 30 days or receive an alert in the event of an intrusion. Some even have a motion detector and a noise sensor.

Other uses of the surveillance camera

But the usefulness of the surveillance camera does not stop at the burglary since today it makes it possible to prevent a power outage or the Internet or in the event of a fire for example. The surveillance camera is also useful to stay in constant contact with your employees or relatives. They sometimes need unexpected help or increased supervision. The surveillance camera offers the possibility of coming into contact with them, of exchanging with them and of intervening immediately. It reassures loved ones as well as the person who is isolated. Note that since the confinement, it was necessary to protect the elderly who could hardly be visited and it represented with its interactive capacity an excellent way to keep the family link.

It proves to be an added value in home care or if you have employees working isolated. The same goes for children who play in a room while the mother or father is going about other occupations or is telecommuting. They can watch over their children and remove the fear that they will hurt themselves if they are not in sight.

Features that are coming soon

In addition to the traditional solutions present on the market, some send personalized video alerts according to expectations: detection of humans, animals and / or vehicles , triggering of an alarm as for a fire, noise abnormal or a power cut. The use of artificial intelligence has made it possible to see new generations of cameras appear which have additional functionalities. All these examples show that surveillance cameras have evolved well and some companies continue to develop innovative solutions such as Kiwatch which joined the Scutum group , a major player in safety and security ensuring the protection of people, goods, infrastructure and data with highly reliable, innovative and personalized solutions and services.

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