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The Different Types of Electric Heaters You Must Know

Electric Heaters


If you’re looking for a new electric heater, you need to consider what type of heating device is most likely to align with your thermal needs.

There are many different types of electric heaters to choose from, each offering unique benefits and functions. Choosing the right electric heater type can help you get the most out of your device, accessing consistent and reliable heating control.

To help you choose your next heater, here are the different types of electric heaters you must know!

Built-in wall heaters

Built-in wall heaters are a popular choice for home use, connected permanently to a wall. Often convection heaters, these devices are designed to circulate air around a central heating element, consuming cold air and producing warm air.

Wall heaters are economical to run and are able to effectively heat household spaces. They are generally attached to a wall as a built-in feature. They can tolerate frequent use and high power output when necessary.

Electric baseboard heaters

Electric baseboard heaters are often permanently installed to a home base board but can also be available as portable heaters. These devices often have extra thermal control features and are designed to heat air from the ground up.

Using an electric baseboard heater, it is possible to reliably heat indoor environments with ease. However, these heaters can’t get warm to touch, and they must not be obscured by other items, such as curtains.

Toe-kick heaters

Toe-kick heaters, also known as kick-space heaters, are a great space-saving heating option for small home environments. They are practical for supplemental heating use in a range of settings and spaces.

Using toe-kick heaters, it is possible to connect heating appliances to cabinet toe-kicks, between the floor and the cupboard door. This allows for heating to occur at ground level, gradually warming the room. Typically, toe-kick heaters are most effective when they are used in collaboration with another heating option.

Radiant cove heaters

Radiant cove heaters are tailored to heat objects in their path using radiant heat. Radiant heaters can be installed overhead or, for the best results, underfoot. Cove heaters are installed in a corner between the wall and ceiling, providing an easy and cost-effective option.

Operating at a range of sizes and wattages, radiant cove heaters often feature thermostat control functions and can be programmed for easy use. They are well equipped for heating small to medium-sized household spaces.

Micathermic panel heaters

Relatively new to the heating scene, micathermic panel heaters are designed using flat, thin panels, which are able to be wall mounted or used as freestanding heaters. These models include embedded heating elements and convection heating technology.

Micathermic panel heaters are highly energy efficient and are well suited to high-demand heating tasks. They are a great safety choice, as they are manufactured to avoid overheating and starting a fire.

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